Promotional Messages And How They Work Against Your Brand

I am writing this message from my personal interaction with Promotional message which I have not subscribed to but keep coming into my messages.

I fail to understand why Companies would automatically add me to a mailing/texting list without my consent simply because I bought your product. It is unfair to the consumer who isn’t consulted before such action takes place.

What these companies do not understand is that these messages (annoying and persistent) will work against your brand for the following reasons:

  1. Noise – In the world, we live in, noise has become a huge distraction in our lives. There are numerous attempts to reduce screen time, kill notifications, have a set time to check your phone. All this is aimed at increasing attention span in a very distractive space. Therefore when promotional messages notifications check in when you are busy, they add to the noise that you are trying to avoid
  2. Resentment – There is nothing bad in business when customers begin to resent your product. This would be caused by persistently sending them messages that don’t add value to their busy lives. Your customers begin to resent the texts sent and subliminally resent your service. Consumers are won through self-interest. Promotional messages don’t appeal to their self-interest. They actually work against the self-interest of time preservation.
  3. Loss of customers – When consumers resent your product, they begin to withdraw from anything that reminds them of your annoyance. No human being love negativity and resentment. They run away from it. So your customers shall begin to look for alternatives. All because if something that you did to make your product top of mind, but eventually worked against you.
  4. Profit loss – Customers are a very important asset to your business. If you lose them, you lose revenue. When they no longer find your company ethical, then they don’t see the need for promoting your business. So they end up withdrawing and finding alternatives. The simple reason for this is the companies lack seeking consent on the onset.

It’s important that products and services adapt to the spirit of being rare. It’s a tricky balance to remain top of mind without sending many messages; and this is tenable by creating lasting experiences. Find ways to entrench lasting memories to your clients so that your services/products win their hearts.

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